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Inheritance Tax

When you’ve worked hard all your life, you will, understandably, want the wealth that you’ve generated to benefit the people that are important to you when you are no longer here.

We provide expert estate and inheritance tax planning services to ensure that your assets are passed on as tax efficiently as possible, so that your beneficiaries are not left with any avoidable tax bills.

Inheritance tax (IHT) is currently imposed at 40 per cent on estates above a £325,000 threshold. As the price of many homes now pushes the overall value of many estates over the IHT threshold, it makes sense to seek expert advice.

Although minimising tax liabilities is important, it’s equally essential to make sure that you retain sufficient capital and income to provide you with a comfortable standard of living. 

We can help you put plans in place to make sensible provision for you and your spouse, planning for any future changes to your home or health and care needs in later life.

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