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Management buyouts – An alternative approach to exit and succession

When developing your business exit and succession strategy, you must consider all possible avenues, including those which might not seem so obvious.

A management buyout (MBO) is one such approach that has gained traction for its flexibility and the ability to leave your business knowing that an experienced team is in place to run it.

With support from professionals, MBOs could be a smart planning move that leaves your business in a position to grow.

Is an MBO right for your business?

An MBO involves the existing management team of your business, whether that be a single director or the entire team, buying the business from you and continuing to run it.

This follows a period of negotiation and valuation of the business when you and your team decide on how much of the business they will buy, what assets are included and the terms of your exit.

This form of buyout provides a smooth transition with minimal disruption to business operations but may also allow the new owners to apply their vision to the business.

MBOs may be particularly suitable for companies with:

  • Strong market potential but poor performance
  • A cohesive existing leadership team
  • A long-term goal of growth or sale to a group
  • No family interest in taking over the business

The funding for this purchase usually involves a combination of personal equity from the managers themselves, along with external financing.

MBOs as an exit strategy

MBOs provide a seamless leadership transition, preserving the existing corporate culture and operational continuity.

This offers assurance to the owner that the business will continue in safe hands and that a growth plan is in place.

Additionally, they assure employees that the interests of the existing business align with those of the new owners, reducing the risk of clashes and low staff retention.

When the time comes for you to retire or move on, consider approaching your management team to discuss the possibility of an MBO, including any questions or concerns from your staff.

In all, MBOs are a compelling exit strategy for founders and business owners wanting to leave their businesses in safe hands.

For advice on MBOs and how to proceed with an exit strategy, please contact our team today.